We provide you with state of the art HR advices


Are you searching for professional HR advices ?

Our advisors will identify the appropriate available consultants for the mission. Due to our broad network of consultants and independent professionals we can quickly fulfill your needs with skilled HR consultants.

Types of advice we can provide. This is not an exhaustive list, merely some examples.

  • nLPD (Swiss GPDR) : audit, implementation, adaptation, impact analysis, cross-border exceptions

  • Trusted person : external consultant acting as an internal trusted person for calls and meetings

  • Performance reviews : implementation, coordination, follow-up, reports

  • Employee handbook : implementation, reviews, adaptation, legal requirements

  • On-boarding process : implementation, reviews, adaptation, follow-up

  • Employee improvement plans : definition, key points, follow-up, sanctions

  • Illness / accidents / long absence : coordination with state authorities and insurances, paperwork, follow-up, return to work process

  • Compensation plans : definition, elements, adaptation, tax effects

  • Team building concepts : concept, set-up, organization, coordination

  • HR Legal advice : legal aspects, working agreements, case management

  • Work permit applications : initiation, coordination with authorities, follow-up

  • New hire references : neutral references check, report

  • Assessments : individual, teams, restitution