We contribute to reshape a bright future

Your future is ahead of you.

How to sell your exeprience, talent and skills in a structured way and target the appropriate employers? We have designed a program fully dedicated to help you. Our experience in recruiting many profiles each year is a great advantage as we know the job market. Our advisors will define companies you could target and positions or functions that are in accordance with your experience and skills.

Our program is structured in three main parts. You need to know who you are, the tools available and the audience. Our advisors are sepcialized in each dimension. Basically you will be followed up by three advisors bringing the best advices to the table.

Who you are. Through the various tests and assessments, we will be able to open your eyes on dimensions you would probably not imagine. This will strengthen your aconfidence and credibility in front of a potential future employer.

Available tools. The tools and strategies that you will put in place are a key success factor. Now, you have to know them and apply them on time and on purpose. Our consultants share them with you and the most appropriate tools and adequate strategy will be commonly chosen.

Targeted audience. How to define the correct audience and why? How to broaden the audience? How to access the right person within companies? How to operate an efficient follow-up? All of these questions are examples of a broader set of items that will be covered during this third part of the program.

Our programs are tailormade for you specifically. Depending on your confidence level, type of function, role, career path. We are happy to answer your questions and suggest an appropriate program. Contact us for more.